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Fleming Farm
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Welcome to the homepage for Fleming Farm in Jay, Florida!

Fleming Farm and Vet Supply is a dream come true for me. Our little corner of the world is only ten acres, but it's just right for our needs. My hobby, raising African Boer Goats, is a time consuming passion -- it seems that everything around here is driven by the goats, or what the goats are doing, or who's having a kid, or which one needs a shot and so on. In 2002, we added fullblood Nubians and Pygmy Goats to our herd.

My name is Virgil Fleming. I'm a retired Naval Cryptologist and a gainfully employed farmer/rancher. Aside from goats, we plant a large garden every year and the pecan harvest keeps us busy during the fall and winter.

I enjoy emailing on the subject of goats and lately, I've really enjoyed reconnecting with my old schoolmates from the Class of 1976. As a sideline hobby, I coown and moderate the Boergoats discussion group at Yahoo! Groups. The Boergoats group has been around for almost five years now and currently has 470 members from all around the world. In April 2002, we opened a small store here at the farm. We're handling Golden Blend Goat Feed and Minerals, HMC livestock and pet feeds, and a full line of veterinary supplies.

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I am a member of the American Boer Goat Association. Member #8600

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What's new around the farm?

We're expecting somewhere between 40 to 50 Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goat kids, as well as Boer/Nubian crosses and Pygmy kids to be born from October 2002 through April 2003. Our kidding season will run through April. Please contact us for availability of kids.

You can contace me at: or call: (850) 981-1010